Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

Good Foundations

I am very fond of good foundations.

In fact I have often recommended them to my female friends and acquaintances. They certainly add the feel good factor.

We girls need a little luxury in our lives.  A little lace goes a long way.  Nobody else may ever see them, but you yourself know.

I sometimes wonder if it comes from my young days when getting ready to go out, Mammy would fondly throw a remark in my direction “I hope you are wearing clean knickers…. just in case you are run over by a bus!”.

I have never been ‘run over’ by a bus, but as you know, last month I had a fall and ended up in A&E. I was feeling battered, bruised and really sorry for myself. Besides the physical checks and X-rays, my upper lip and several grazes were cleaned up.  It was decided that I should have a booster tetanus jab.

I had to smile inwardly when a male nurse asked me to drop my trousers….

Yes, I was wearing my sexy lace numbers and not Bridget Jones’s knickers! 😆