I sat for ten minutes and the blank space grew larger with each blink.

Fingers itched and fluttered over the keys, but no message came from the brain directing them to transmit readable text.  It was a little like a young child at the Piano…  Which one will I press?

All those white and black strips….

88 keys.

52 white Notes and 36 black Notes (Unless you have a Bosendorfer piano – then you have up to 97 Notes).

But that is not correct…. there is another Key:

The one to lock the lid!

Time to light the fire and pick up the knitting needles!

11 thoughts on “Keys

  1. Delirious

    I am also a pianist, but haven’t been able to play as much lately as I should. By the way, my husband’s grandmother had a bosendorfer, that she passed on to her daughter. I didn’t know it had more keys!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Marianna – I am playing with an idea and pattern at the moment, not quite sure if it will work. Maybe that is why I cannot settle to write at the moment. It is normal for me to be like this until a project gels in my mind.

    Delirious – I am no pianist, not even able to play chopsticks!

  3. Nancy

    Speaking of keys,GM, the other night my husband and I were on a little trip and staying in a nice hotel with a lovely dining room and a singer who thought she was Edith Piaf!

    She was so flat and never did quite have the tune and half way through her third number my husband turned to me and said,” If she ever finds the key she should go to her room.”

  4. Nancy

    Yes, GM, but are you torturing people singing “I Love Paris in The Springtime” off key and off melody?

  5. Brighid

    Seems like I’ve felt that way for too long…
    I’ve been remiss in my knitting of the wee preemie hats for the hospital…so many projects are on the back burner…what could the key be to spark the fire?

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – I only torment the walls!

    WWW – So have I. First the cataracts and then the fall. Hope I am getting back on track now.

    Brighid – You could try one for me…. pretty please.


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