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On the Bench

Patrick Kavanagh ~ Bronze
John Coll

Patrick Kavanagh was the son of a cobbler and farmer and he grew up in Inniskeen, County Monaghan.  Many of his poems were autobiographical.  In 1936 his first volume of poems, “Ploughman and Other Poems”, was published.  He died in 1967 and was buried in Inniskeen.

Don’t sit on the hat! 😉

Dublin, became his beloved second home and he is immortalized according to his wishes:  “O commemorate me with no hero-courageous/ Tomb — just a canal-bank seat for the passer-by.

View from Baggot Street Bridge

So you will find him at one with the tranquil surroundings of Dublin’s Grand Canal, between Baggot Street and Leeson Street.  peacefully seated on a tree-shaded bench, the poet surveys the dark, slow-moving water—as he did in life—and there’s plenty of room beside him for those who wish to join in the meditation.

View from the bench, looking towards Leeson Street

On Raglan Road is a well-known Irish song from a poem written by Patrick Kavanagh.  This version includes the Poets own voice.