Daily Archives: October 25, 2011

Fingers crossed

It was time to come out from hiding once again, so I took myself over the hills and far away.

Well, not quite across the land but just enough to drive through heavy hanging mist.  As the car climbed effortlessly to the top of a hill, I could not see beyond the end of my nose. The temperature had dropped overnight and we ware back in fog-light territory for another winter. 🙁

Once over the crest of the hill the scene changed, the sky cleared, and I could see green fields for miles around me.  It was not a day to dawdle about, I had an appointment with a Toyboy.

An hour of teasing and banter while the scissors go snip, snip, does this girl’s heart good.

Now with my thatch trimmed, the old head is lighter and I am ready for anything in the weeks to come.

Stuart and his team



To qualify all you need to do is spend £30.00 and book an appointment for January or February.

My haircut is not far off £30.00,  and I will be back again before the end of the year and again six weeks later so that takes care of the appointment.  It was only a matter of making my little purchase of a product that I use on a regular basis.

You know what they say…. ‘If you are not in, you cannot win!’

That is my ticket sitting on the corner of the frame, so fingers, toes and everything else crossed for now.

What do you mean?

Of course you can keep everything crossed for me until Christmas! 😀