Daily Archives: October 28, 2011


I’m trying.  Yes I know you find me trying most of the time; so I tried hard, very hard, to come up with a topic to test the Loose Blogging Consortium today!


We do not own the world about us.

Springtime in Limerick

On the Liffey at Lucan in June

September skies from my back door

Hoar frost at Christmas in the Midlands

We are privileged to lease a small part of it for our time.

If we focused properly on our fellow man, the environment and our daily actions, there would be no need for the following two signs that I came across during my recent walkabouts in Dublin.

Respect the Community
Be Quiet.
Be Tidy


We have signs like this one in Northern Ireland too.

If we really focused on caring; then we might follow ideas like this.

Thanks to Will for bringing it to my attention.

Phone call

My phone just buzzed.

Me: “Hello”.

Caller: “I wonder if Andrew is about?”

Me:  “Well, You will not find him here… unless he is hiding under my bed!”

Caller: “I’m sorry to disturb you”.

With that the caller hung up!

I bet you are glad you don’t phone my house!