I’m trying.  Yes I know you find me trying most of the time; so I tried hard, very hard, to come up with a topic to test the Loose Blogging Consortium today!


We do not own the world about us.

Springtime in Limerick

On the Liffey at Lucan in June

September skies from my back door

Hoar frost at Christmas in the Midlands

We are privileged to lease a small part of it for our time.

If we focused properly on our fellow man, the environment and our daily actions, there would be no need for the following two signs that I came across during my recent walkabouts in Dublin.

Respect the Community
Be Quiet.
Be Tidy


We have signs like this one in Northern Ireland too.

If we really focused on caring; then we might follow ideas like this.

Thanks to Will for bringing it to my attention.

14 thoughts on “Focusing

  1. Rummuser

    Like the once ubiquitous telephone kiosks over there that you have linked to, we had STD booths in India. STD for Subscriber Trunk Dialing and not Sexually Transmitted Disease, which is what I thought it was the first time I saw a sign board. The STD boots were privately owned with meters provided by the Telephones and the owners made a cut from the charges collected. These changed the way people communicated in India at a time when a telephone connection was considered to be a luxury during our glorious tryst with socialism. Now these booths have all but disappeared as every one has a mobile phone or has access to one. That has been the second revolution. It certainly drove a lot of STD booth entrepreneurs out of business but most of them apparently converted to providing other services like selling prepaid mobile phone cards and instruments.

    Funny how technology disturbs the equilibrium at break neck speed!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – Are you trying to pretend that you never romanced in a telephone box? 😉

    Delirious – Being human, I suppose, accounts for it!

  3. Nancy

    Just think,GM, if the UK Superman gets a heart attack while he’s changing into his costume in the phone booth, he can use the defibrillator to cure himself.

    He could be the Walter Mitty of England!

  4. Nick

    The latest trick of dog owners round here is to scoop the mess into a little bag and then leave the bag for someone else to remove. I call that total selfishness.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – Thank you.

    Nick – That is really selfish, when you think of how many ‘doggy’ bins there are about these days.

  6. Rummuser

    Grannymar, no pretenses. I never did. In India, the telephone booths, even the old fashioned ones, or for that matter any other similar cubicles, simply did not afford the kind of privacy one requires for romancing. People keep crawling our of the woodwork everywhere, all the time. And they are all curious and some quite obnoxious too.


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