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My bus journey ended at Merrion Square, and since my day was my own, I dandered through streets that I had not set foot in for over thirty years.  Lifting my gaze from Merrion Square down Mount Street, my eye rested on the building facing me.

It was always known to me as ‘The Pepper Canister’. The proper title is of course St. Stephen’s Church.  It was the last of a series of Georgian Churches built by the Church of Ireland.

View from Upper Mount Street

Turning right into into Herbert Street brought a little surprise.  The street looked different.


The building above, No. 30 Herbert Street has recently been refurbished and available for lease.  A large hoarding surrounded the Horse Chestnut tree to the left of the main entrance.  The tree was in a railed off and locked paved garden.  Behind the tree was a garden seat that I would love to explore or sit on.  There was no plaque or indication as to the artist.  It took me quite some time and searching to discover the artist behind the piece.  It was well worth the effort.

So for the third week in a row I feature the work of the same Sculptor.

Chestnut Chair – bronze
John Coll

“Chestnut Chair”: a two meter bronze bench for the entrance to No.30, Herbert Street, Dublin, commissioned by Treasury Holdings Limited, 1998.

Now I wouldn’t mind that in my back garden!

9 thoughts on “More Situpon

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I have no idea how comfortable it would be to sit in, but I still love that bench.

    Ramana – Your sheltered garden would suit it nicely.

    WWW – I think there is a queue forming!! 😉

  2. Alice

    In the local news today, I heard about a sculpture in a community garden being stolen. It’s not the first time a sculpture thief has hit even though they’re quite heavy and stealing one must take some doing not to mention help. I was wondering if anything like that happens there? There would certainly be a big choice of nice pieces, wouldn’t there?

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – Theft of metal is a big problem in UK, even lead from public buildings are at risk. Garden sculpture is also at risk.


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