Sky writing

I have never managed to capture fireworks before

I am not a fan of standing around in the cold night air, so these were captured from my back doorstep.

Five minutes was about my limit

About twenty of my shots went to the bin

The last is my favourite.

15 thoughts on “Sky writing

  1. Nancy


    The photos are very nice and you did a good job photographing them.

    My question is: What was the occasion? You weren’t celebrating the 4th of July,were you?

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I don’t need a camera, just a licence to have fireworks. These were part of a local organised display.

    Mil – eStatic or iStatic if you are using a Mac! 😆

    Nancy – I was not celebrating anything. The noise of firecrackers outside reminded me it was Halloween so I found my camera and went out my back door for a few minutes.

    Big John – No 5 is one I could do something with…

  3. Alice

    I just assumed it was how the community celebrated the newly elected president. No. 5 is best, but No. 2 looks very interesting–sort of like a bit of sheet music in the dark sky.

  4. Baino

    They really are difficult, you need such a slow speed that camera shake’s a problem. Have you got a ‘sports’ setting, that might do it. Or a tripod or something to steady your camera. Although photographs never really capture the joy of live action with Fireworks.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – My little camera is no match for professional fireworks photos. I liked the patterns in these few attempts.

    Marianna – Without a camera I would never have ventured outside.

    Brighid – I am a ‘blue’ fan, and think that is part of the appeal.

    Baino – My camera is not much bigger than my mobile phone, it fits neatly in the palm of my hand. If I had to worry about settings, tripods or a heavy weight, I would never take it out of the box. My camera is for fun.

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