Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Shooting & Clicking

Yesterday, my post Sky writing was about my attempt to capture fireworks in the night sky.  The display was very small town, and certainly no match for many an International event that we see these days via TV or internet.

Baino commented about speed, settings and a tripod to help produce better results.

My camera is not much bigger than my mobile phone, it fits neatly in the palm of my hand or in my pocket. If I had to worry about settings, tripods or a heavy weight, I would never take it out of the box.

The pictures I enjoy most in any photo album are usually family members or friends caught “unaware”.  While attending weddings in recent years, I would move about the space capturing groups of family and guests as they chatted informally.  I would try to capture everyone present.  Once the photos were sorted and tidied up, I would burn them to a DVD and send to the Bride and Groom.  These spontaneous shots are a great lasting memory and living history of a family’s growth and a great reminder of events and time spent together.

My camera is for fun and good for my heart.

I am still laughing at my siblings looking for babies under a gooseberry bush!

I don’t have a pram to push or dog to walk, so I take my camera with me for company.  I do not need an exercise machine, so many times my camera has encouraged me on round a corner or the next bend in the road to find my ‘special’ capture of the day.

Peace and quiet

People stop to see (perhaps for the first time) what I am clicking away at, we chat and I learn about the object or sometimes they learn about it from me.  The chat might lead to a back story of the person I am chatting to.  Sometimes they will direct me to something else of interest that I was unaware of.  So I will keep plodding along as I am.  If I see someone with a fancy big camera I watch, learn and then chat to them.

Some are really nice.

I just realised that Toyboy camera has no name. 🙁

How about Carlo Camera?  I think it has a ring to it!