Daily Archives: November 9, 2011

Do They think I am daft?

Lose 40+ pounds and feel great!

If I lost £40+ in the present financial climate, I certainly would not have a smile on my face or feel like partying, I can tell you.

I weigh 130 pounds.  Take away 40+ pounds from that and we are talking about 90 pounds or LESS.

I was a walking skeleton for years through no fault of my own, forever hungry and I eat like I had hollow legs – it was the way I was made.  Everyone I encountered in life, except my mother, tried to feed me up and increase my weight.

We were a family of stick insects, all under weight even at birth, and in those days bonny babies (read chubby) were considered healthier than us.  All through our young lives we had two multi-course dinners a day, we had more food than they did at Downton Abbey!

The few pounds I gained over the years have at least given me a little shape, if not enough to keep me warm, I have no desire for regression.

So, no thank you!  I will gladly hit the delete forever button and not open that email.