Do They think I am daft?

Lose 40+ pounds and feel great!

If I lost £40+ in the present financial climate, I certainly would not have a smile on my face or feel like partying, I can tell you.

I weigh 130 pounds.  Take away 40+ pounds from that and we are talking about 90 pounds or LESS.

I was a walking skeleton for years through no fault of my own, forever hungry and I eat like I had hollow legs – it was the way I was made.  Everyone I encountered in life, except my mother, tried to feed me up and increase my weight.

We were a family of stick insects, all under weight even at birth, and in those days bonny babies (read chubby) were considered healthier than us.  All through our young lives we had two multi-course dinners a day, we had more food than they did at Downton Abbey!

The few pounds I gained over the years have at least given me a little shape, if not enough to keep me warm, I have no desire for regression.

So, no thank you!  I will gladly hit the delete forever button and not open that email.

13 thoughts on “Do They think I am daft?

  1. Rummuser

    We get these ads day in and day out with the before and after photos that are obviously photoshopped. It is a measure of the times that we live in that they the advertisers often succeed in attracting customers and I know of at least a dozen or so set ups that flourish in India. Here is one

    I was a bonnie baby, grew up to be a stick, started filling up in my mid forties and have not looked back since then. I am afraid that I cannot afford to carry the weight I am now endowed with and once I am mobile, will have to start a regime of appropriate exercises to knock off another ten kilos. I have no choice.

  2. Nick

    Well, you know me, I’m fairly thin as well (or at least I look thin to all those well-padded people out there). I used to eat like a horse when I was young and never gained an ounce, though I have to be a bit more careful nowadays.

  3. Delirious

    I used to be like that. I am 5’8″ tall, and weight 125 for most of my younger years. I only started gaining weight after I turned 30. I could eat anything I wanted. My hip bones stuck out, and my elbows were pointy. Some people questioned if I was anorexic. No, I didn’t have any kind of eating disorder…I loved food too much for that. 😉 I actually was happy to get a little weight on me. I feel more comfortable in my skin when I am fat, than I did when I was thin.

  4. Mike G.

    I was skinny til my mid 20s; when I was 30 I quit smoking and my weight ballooned; and now I only wish I could lose the weight easily, but it’s quite hard. Karen, on the other hand, seldom has more than a few extra pounds and, when she tells people she’s going to the gym, they look at her like she’s crazy and say something like, “Why are you working out? You don’t need to lose weight.” 😉

  5. Conrad

    On Cheers, the people in the bar once asked Norm – hefty Norm! – what he was up to and he said something like, “About 11 feet tall if I want to match my weight.”

  6. Baino

    You’re lucky! I eat like a sparrow and walk every day and it’s a never ending battle to lose weight. Pretty clever how these social networkers target you thought, especially on Facebook. A friend of mine makes a very good living doing that sort of thing. All my sidebar ads are about removing neck flab, curing wrinkles and losing weight. GAH

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I think what you need (once mobile) are a few widows to chase around the joggers park. Pick a few oldies – they move at a slower pace! 😉

    Judy – Stay as sweet as you are. When I do lose a few pounds, they are from my face and neck making me look old and haggard. 🙁

    Brighid – That remark reminded me of this lolipop.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – You make a fine ‘clotheshorse! Long, lean and handsome! ( I think I just earned myself a cup of coffee!).

    Delirious – You are describing me, I had the sharpest elbows in town, great for digging into the brothers’ ribs!

    Mike – The modern lifestyle is no help to staying trim. We all sit at computers longer than we should these days.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – That is like something one of my uncles used to say!

    Baino – With my email addie they do not seem to know whether I am male or female.


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