Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

Art with my Needle ~ A visit

Not back as a series right now, but a little update.

Who remembers this?

It started as knitting.  The pattern was used only for measurements.

When last seen it had grown and turned into crochet.  Blurry eyes put stop to play for a couple of months, but I am now back to normal.

Proof of the pudding…

One jumper finished and a couple of other ideas in the melting pot.  I only use patterns as guidelines,it might be a shape from one and a pattern from another.  I like crochet for speed but a knitted rib gives a neat finish.  The cream, pink and a navy are all works in progress.  I go so far and pause while the design floats about inside my head

Not a clear photo, I must remember to use my camera in the mornings!

To prove the jumper fits I took a screen grab yesterday afternoon.

I was cosy and warm all day.