Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

Ireland as I could never paint it

Eolai ag obair

Ireland as I could never paint it – 350 images from Eolai’s Painting Tour collection.

3000+ kms around Ireland, while painting, taking photos, blogging, twittering and updating his Facebook account, was no mean feat.  There were many pockets around the country that suffered from a major lack of internet signals.  This meant that uploading photos was sometimes random, therefore the photos are not in any particular order.

I suggest you do as Eolai/Liam does – boil the kettle and make a large pot of tea; then sit back and enjoy Ireland from your armchair.  The larger the screen the better.  You won’t be disappointed.

The hard work of cycling may be over and the body recovered, but some paintings need finishing and some are yet to be started.   Several paintings for hosts will not be completed – by agreement – until after Christmas.  I have told @eolai not to worry about my painting until I am sixty five. The subject of the painting…. I left it up to him, to pick his favourite from the places we saw over the days we spent together.

I look forward to the surprise.

Did you see the legs?  In the bath.  Yes in the bath!  That is not my bath, sure you know the colour of mine and have seen it before.