Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

Nuala with the Hula continued….

Speccy left a comment on Sundays Post about Nuala with the Hula:

More of the story behind the angel here– I hadn’t even known her name until last week 🙂

Following her link I discovered the blog post was written by the daughter of the woman who was the inspiration of the project.  This made me even more curious to dig further and learn more about the Angel of Thanksgiving sculpture in Belfast

Click on this link for a short film about the the vision of its patron – the late Myrtle Smyth.   In the film  Myrtle tells her story about the project, from initial concept to fruition. The artist – Andy Scott, and  Michael Copeland whose company fabricated the sculpture are also interviewed.

The sculpture was inspired by Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas.