Daily Archives: December 6, 2011


We are about to face another Christmas.  Yes I did say FACE.

Already the round of fluster and fuss in preparation for the greedfest has started. Office parties here, club parties there, and the ‘Well, sure it is Christmas’ and we must get together parties.

The rush is on.

Trees are covered in fairy lights and decorations placed in every available space
Shopping for cards and gifts and don’t forget the the gift-wrap, ribbons and gifttags.
Families arranging to be together, some racing half way across the country if not the world.
Cooking, baking and candle gift making (it rhymed) all for one day.

What has any of this got to do with Christmas?

We are in a world wide recession.

Maybe this world wide recession is actually a gift.  A wake up call.  Yes, we have heard them before, but have we listened?  I mean really LISTENED!

It is Our World.  The one true gift we can give to future generations.

The message in the link is not new, but certainly worth the six or seven minutes it takes to watch. I urge to stop what you are doing and give it your FULL attention.

Then go and have a Happy Christmas!