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Ramana makes yoghurt every morning. Maybe we are in for a demonstration today. Do you think that is why he chose the topic of:


I wanted to follow a different route.  I was spoilt for choice and it was difficult to make up my mind.

Culture Club Karma Chameleon

Culture Night Belfast at the Cathedral Quarter and beyond is usually a-buzz with gigs, choirs, dance, poetry, exhibitions, theatre, street performers, taster tours, workshops, and more.

Culture Vulture – an online shopping space where I came across this little beauty

Alas, it is out of stock. 🙁

I learned this serene representation of the Buddha’s hand showing the fingers in the ‘mudra’ position, is known as the teaching gesture with the thumb and index finger forming the Wheel of Law.

Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute tells us

Culture is a definition highly misunderstood and misused, thus the need for an explanation:

Culture refers to the following Ways of Life, including but not limited to:

  • Language: the oldest human institution and the most sophisticated medium of expression.
  • Arts & Sciences: the most advanced and refined forms of human expression.
  • Thought: the ways in which people perceive, interpret, and understand the world around them.
  • Spirituality: the value system transmitted through generations for the inner well-being of human beings, expressed through language and actions.
  • Social activity: the shared pursuits within a cultural community, demonstrated in a variety of festivities and life-celebrating events.
  • Interaction: the social aspects of human contact, including the give-and-take of socialization, negotiation, protocol, and conventions.

Now before the stuff Ramana makes is ready for tasting I want to lead you in a different direction altogether, to what I would call:-

The Culture of Disrespect.

My attention was drawn to a ‘Huff Post’ article written by Yashar Ali about Gaslighting.  It was not a term I was familiar with.  Hush up in the back row, the only glimmerman that I know about, sits on my mantle piece over my fireside.

According to Mr Ali, Gaslighting is a term often used by mental health professionals to describe manipulative behaviour used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy.

I would see these actions as controlling or abusive.  I will let you follow the link and make up your own mind.

This Culture of Disrespect can come in another guise:-

The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had. ~ Anon

I’m prepared to sit on the porch of life…. but, for a conversation you need two people.  When the other person keeps disappearing for a myriad of reasons…

What message do you think  it gives to me?

If you have a cell phone in each hand, constantly pinging with calls & messages and you feel you must take or read them during our conversation, then you are not the friend I thought you were. Will the world end if you leave them unanswered for 10…20 or thirty minutes?

Have you an iPad, Notebook or laptop constantly taking your attention and interrupting what we were saying? Then you are not paying attention to the topic in hand. Will the world end if you lift your eye from the screen for 10…20 or thirty minutes?

Maybe I am kidding myself that there was a true friendship in the first place. Your actions are telling me that I am the bottom of your pile. Is it time to move on?

It will not be easy.

You see, I enjoyed the banter, the laughter and the deep soul baring conversations that we used to share, but alas, the winds of time have blown them all away.  If you only want to talk when you need something or when the day has sapped your energy and you are tired, then that is not friendship.

I have no wish to be the floor mop of life, stuck in a corner only used to mop up the dregs of life. I am worth more than that.

Young people are very fond of the phrase ‘Quality Time’, Is that what you give your friends? Do you switch off from all distractions to share real quality time?

Think about it. Now is the time to change and do something about it!

Or one day you might find yourself sitting alone on the porch.

I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar,
but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.

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