Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

Anybody seen my gloves?

You like my gloves?

All my life my fingers have been a little bent. I hear you Mayo, what do you mean, just like me?

They get worse in cold weather. Mammy had the same problem. My toes were badly curled too and I had surgery on them in 1993 – Joints were removed and the bones fused. Years ago I was warned not to get cold.  In Ireland with cold damp weather any day of the year? Not easy. But you know, I could be sitting by a roaring fire and if an internal door were opened, the draught would be enough to make me cold to the bone!

Two sips of cold water cool my body right down from the inside. That is why I drink water off the boil.  I will happily drink hot water by the kettleful.

The problem is caused by my heart going into spasm.  NO! It has nothing to do with Toyboys. Honest! Chasing Toyboys is way better than running on a treadmill any day. 😉

I wear gloves almost all year round.  Cold air passes through woollen gloves or mittens, so they are no good to me. I found that lined leather works best for me.  I need them for driving the car too, hands stuck on a cold steering wheel are a hazard for others as well as me.  If the lining in the gloves is thick, I have no grip, so silk lined are my preference. They are light, comfortable and keep some heat in my hands. Unfortunately they also keep the shape of my bent fingers.  Heck, they work, so I’ll not complain.

I am right-handed but can use both hands for most tasks. If I was out of doors for a long spell in severe weather, my hands would become painful, otherwise they don’t cause me much bother bar being very stiff. When I hold something like a phone for a long call, or a heavy saucepan, the fingers will lock around whatever I am holding and need to be peeled off. I have trouble opening a jar of jam or marmalade for the first time, to break the seal, but Elly found me a gadget years ago and it solves the problem.

In fact I have a little collection of items that I find helpful round the house.

Six Handy gadgets

Working clockwise from left:

Kitchen Craft Jar and Bottle Openers, Rubber – I have this pair of rubber jar openers for over twenty years. You use one in each hand to help grip a jar or bottle. They have had so much use that there is a permanent curve in them, but they still work!

Standing grater – This cone shaped grater has three different sized grating holes.  The rubber knob on the top makes it easy to hold.  I find it works best on a large flat plate or board.

Good Grips Swivel Peeler, the handle is soft to the touch and never feels cold like metal.

Lever Action Jar Key Opener It opens most jam jars.

Kitchen scissors – I found these in my supermarket, they are good & sharp, though slightly heavier than a previous pair and much easier on my hands as the finger and thumb holes are larger and softer to grasp.  They were not expensive and I am very pleased with them.

Nut Crackers – Recently I found difficulty breaking the seal on my breakfast juice carton.  The handle of the scissors was too thick to fit in the small space, so seldom stuck for an idea, I tried the nut crackers and they fitted perfectly.  Set in place, half turn, lift and repeat as before.  Hey Presto!  Breakfast is ready in seconds.

I hope that you will find these helpful.