Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Art with my Needle ~ A promise

A few weeks ago Wisewebwoman asked me to share how I work at producing crochet. I struggled a little to find a way of actually filming my work while using my two hands with wool and needle.  I wanted you to see the work from the same angle as I do when working.

I created three  minuscule videos with my Logitech webcam software.  Much as I try, I can only record for 99 seconds at a time. 🙁

The first one shows how I set up the basic foundation chain row

Crochet Grannymar Style 1

Part two shows how I work the double crochet stitch

Crochet Grannymar Style 2

The final 90 seconds shows how to do a shell stitch, it is the one I used in the body of my blue jumper.

Crochet Grannymar Style 3

I hope you find this helpful.

It is 11.30 on Tuesday as I prepare this post.  The wind is howling outside as it has done all day, the lights are beginning to flicker so I will pay heed.  Time to switch off and settle down for the night.