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Serious Acting

It was my turn this week to provide a subject for our LBC.  I am fond of one word topics since it gives greater leeway for interpretation to our intrepid group.  Have you noticed that I am fond of the short words…. I leave the long words to the more learned members of the team. 😉  They are all learned you know,  I am only here to be the mascot! Never worry, when I reach body parts, I have enough three letter words to keep me going for ten weeks! 😉


Nick wrote a post recently about deathbed regrets and that is the inspiration for my piece today. In his post he linked to: Inspiration and Chai & a post about regrets of the dying.

Life is a choice. Not a choice to be born, but a choice of how we live out our days.

Choose happiness. Happiness Is a choice, not a crime. It costs nothing.

One very serious young friend confided in me some years ago, that she longed to laugh long & loud until the tears tripped down her face.

Think of how a baby will suddenly begin to laugh, and continue until the whole body is involved – head, hands, arms and legs, right to the very toes. Add a few years and a child’s laughter is even more infectious than a yawn on the upper deck of a late night bus. What do you mean, you never tried it? Take my word for it. Next time you are on a bus, stand at the front, face the passengers and YAWN! Come on admit it…. I bet you yawned even reading that!

I am a great believer in living in the moment. Here. Now. Who knows it might be the last chance you have. At least go out with laughter in your heart and a smile on your face. Who was it said “To know how to do something well is to enjoy it”? My granny taught me about laughter. The laughing Policeman, a music hall song by Charles Jolly, the pseudonym of Charles Penrose was a favourite of hers. It never failed to do the trick, she would laugh for Ireland.

Granny knew exactly how to cheer us up when our shoulders were in our boots, weighed down with the woes of our little world. She could break tension in a second and fill a room with sunshine on a gloomy day. If I have inherited that gene, I am on to a winner and will close my eyes at the end of my time, a happy woman.

Why am I telling you this? Which of us knows, when within the wink of an eye our lives could change.


I will give you a couple of instances where that actually happened. They left an indelible mark on me for my lifetime.

Joy & Fred* lived down the avenue from the house where I was born. They had three daughters, the youngest was in my class at school. Fred had a good old permanent and pensionable job – any one remember them? He walked through the door of the office on the day he was eighteen and continued to do so every working day, until be reached sixty five. They lived a simple family life and never went on holidays. We were beginning our final year at school when I heard Joy answer a question about holidays. “Fred is due to retire next year, we will wait until then to have a holiday!”

Six weeks before Fred retired, and we sat the state exam – The Leaving Certificate, Joy died in her sleep. She spent all her life waiting for a holiday that never happened!

Then there was Rose, my age, but she had attended a different school. Rose had buckets of personality, a great figure, skin as smooth as whipped cream and long hair that sparkled almost as much as her eyes. She was always in good form and smiling. I know she was the most popular girl in the tennis club. She was an only child and her parent’s pride and joy. She dated John and within a couple of years they announced their engagement. Since John was also an only child, both sets of parents put all their efforts into purchasing a house and furnishing it for the couple. As the wedding approached the house was carpeted throughout and finished with every gadget and accessory you could wish for.

Soon all details were complete for the service, the meal and the honeymoon. The wedding dress was hanging in her bedroom with the headdress & shoes set out and waiting for the big day. Rose and John went out to dinner with both sets of parents one week before the wedding. They chose their favourite restaurant and enjoyed great food and wine.

Rose never made it home.

The couples had travelled in three separate cars for the evening. As John was driving Rose home, a dark figure ran across the road in front of the car; he braked and came to a sudden stop. Rose suffered whiplash and died on the spot. One week later the guests gathered not for the joyous occasion of the wedding, but to see the young Rose buried in her wedding dress.

So Please take note, and act now. Begin each day as if it was the first, but live it as if it were to be your last and do find time for laughter!

*All names have been changed

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