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Medical matters

Padmini in her wisdom had the choosing of our topic for today

Hospitals or Doctors

I sat on the doctor’s knee so he could examine me.  His desk was dark and solid as a rock.  His routine never changed. He smoothly slid open the top right hand drawer, it was a very deliberate move. There were several bundles neatly arranged in that space but one half was given over to an open box… He knew I saw the box and would do whatever he asked….

He began with the bundle beside the open box…

We called them the lollipop sticks, one was given to me to look inside his mouth before he prompted me to “Open wide!”  He flattened my tongue and had a good look around, then it was “Say Ahhh!” as he looked deeper into the space. Saying ‘Ahhh!’ while being very conscious of the tickling hairs on his index finger touching my face, always made me feel like laughing.

I stood between his knees and could feel his soft warm exhaled breath on my cheeks as he checked my ears.

We played a game or two.  He helped to remove my cardigan, then gently opened the buttons on my blouse while I chatted away telling him the news of the day.

Then the stethoscope came into centre stage, first the earpieces were put to my ears so I could hear his beating heart.  One day I told him he had no heart, but he insisted I keep trying until I found it.  Thankfully I did find a heart beating steadily away, allowing him to turn the attention to me.  He listened to my heart, my lungs, asked me to cough and again cough once more, before smiling and setting the stethoscope down on the desk.

There were questions asked and answers given, promises made and soon it was time for The Box!

The box contained the biggest most colourful hand-made sweets you ever saw.  I was allowed choose one for my mouth and one for each hand.

Mammy never had any problem bring us to see Dr Kidney!

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