Daily Archives: December 26, 2011

No Food Monday :sad:

Well the fuss is all over for another year bar the wait for credit card bills, if that was the road you took.

I did my Christmas Celebrating on 24th with Elly George and Buffy for entertainment. Miss Buffy spent about five minutes rediscovering my house, the corners and smells before she sat to play with a toy  in the middle of the floor.  While we were at the table for eats, she sat stretched out underneath in such a way that her was touching all our feet.

Miss Buffy

Yesterday was quiet, very quiet, just as I like it. I did make and receive calls, texts and a few emails. and the day passed off well.

Today I was feeling lazy, so got up for a cuppa, opened the blinds – signal to the neighbourhood that I am not dead – and went back to bed to laze and listen to the radio.

I had planned to post a luscious cake recipe today, but I am sure by now tummys have had their fill and only want to pick at the festive left overs.

When I was young (cue violins…) I would spent a St Stephen’s Day morning peeling a half tonne of potatoes and cutting them by hand into chips.  That was all the cooking we would do that day.  Hot fresh chips – the best in Ireland – and you filled the rest of your plate with the cold cuts and stuffing left over from the day before.  There was always more than enough for the army of us and it was followed by slices of Christmas pudding fried in yuck butter.  I preferred mine cold.

Speaking of leftovers and cake reminds me of a special Birthday cake that appeared earlier this year…

Miss Buffy’s Birthday Cake

Now if you want the recipe for that one…..

I think you better ask Elly!