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Spirit of Belfast

Spirit of Belfast ~ Stainless Steel
~ Dan George

Chosen by public vote, the Spirit of Belfast in Belfast City Centre was created by New York artist Dan George.
The seven metre high sculpture is composed of four curved stainless steel structural elements including programmed in-ground lighting and is installed on a granite plinth base.

In the artist’s words:

“The Spirit of Belfast is the manifestation of our energy as we look to the future as well as a meditation on our past. It is a timepiece that weaves together the strength of steel and the delicacy of light, ocean liners and linen, progress and peace”.

Dan George creates large scale installations and sculpture.  A couple at the roadsides in Southern Ireland and one in Cork City.

One piece will be familiar to drivers on the M7 near Kildare Town, called Race of the black Pig. It comprises A series of 60 aluminium and colour reflective sections in the form of an abstract St. Bridget’s cross, mounted along the west side of the carriageway.  I have driven by it many times, but until now, never knew the background story.

Passage of Time an installation of six double ring aluminium units is located beside the new realignment scheme, approximately half way between Wexford and New Ross. Fixed between the two rings of each of the six units are images covered with coloured highway reflective sheeting. As viewers pass by the installation, seventy-five meters in length, the rings and coloured elements appear to move or shift in relationship to each other.

Finally the Halo Project a theatrically lit corridor for Tobin Street in Cork, Ireland. The link has interesting detail of this project.