Back to normal

The wind is howling, the lights were all a flicker

News is full of doom and gloom, enough to depress a Vicar


I have a plan…

Time to stuff Christmas into a box & shove it in the loft


Shake the dust, wash the floor & throw the rubbish out the door


Sit down, relax and enjoy…

6 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. Conrad

    It’s as though you were sitting in our own home here. I am like Nancy, except I feel like I am sharing that cuppa with you. Always have felt that way.

  2. Alice

    It is a good feeling when you finally have the last bit of Christmas packed away for next year, isn’t it? I find that every year one or two little items escape my notice though. Right now, it’s the card holder/display I left on the mantle. Next time I go downstairs, I swear!! 😳

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – The work is all done and while you sleep, I sit and sip another coffee.

    Nancy – One day soon we will share a coffee once more. Glad to hear you arrived safely.

    Conrad – Since I now know what your living room looks like, I imagine I am there when we chat.

    Alice – My boxes are filled, but |i will wait until morning to put them in the loft. The fresh light of day may throw up some item I have forgotten.


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