Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Openings ~ 20

“The Duke of York” in big letters painted on the wall with an arrow is to be found close to the cobbled entry of Commercial Court, one of the oldest streets in Belfast. It is in the Cathedral Quarter, close to the John Hewitt Pub.  I hear they’ve got a great selection of Irish whiskeys – around 150 in total – including lots of smaller productions.

The couple in the picture were part of a photo shoot.

The white exterior is well kitted out with seats, hanging baskets and just the right amount of vintage knick-knackery, featuring old-fashioned metal adverts for whiskey and Guinness and hanging flower baskets.

One plaque informs passers-by that Snow Patrol played some of their first ever gigs in the room on the first floor, it has been used over the years for live music.

Snow Patrol was here!

Belfast sinks – The Group! 😉

Another opening on the right… now I wonder what lurks down there?

That lady looks familiar.

Wondering what she was up to I followed and was in for a surprise……….

Just look at the walls of this covered walkway…..

Since the ‘No Smoking’ ban was introduced in all public buildings, most pubs provide an outdoor space.  Even the row of buckets with sand for the butts are colourful.

I wonder how many faces you recognise?

I was so busy looking at the walls, I never noticed the ceiling. 🙁  I may go back another day and check it out!