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Penny for your Thoughts

Sculpture ~ Penny for your Thoughts
Artist ~ Peter Rooney

One of several pieces entitled ‘Penny for your Thoughts’, by Peter Rooney, they act as dual purpose sculptures and at the corner of Gordon Street and Dunbar Street they are used as bollards. This first example depicts one of Belfast’s best-known citizens – Henry Joy McCracken

The work reflects the commercial activity that was at the base of the development of Belfast and the Cathedral Quarter.

Peter Rooney was born in Belfast in 1954. He received his BA (Hons) from University of Ulster in silversmithing and jewellery and then his Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts with particular interest in ‘Public Art’.

Monied bollards aid parking for monied cars!

This tile informs us that it is part of Laganside Art Trail.  It marks the location of the town ditch and gate into Belfast in 17th century.

I will return to this spot in the near future.