Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

Oh Wow!

The Oriel Gallery is part of the Clotworthy building complex recently renovated as part of a major £5.8m restoration project of Antrim Castle Gardens. Restoration work on the rest of the Gardens will continue until the summer, I intend returning to the house and gardens in the next few weeks.

Remember the shell of the building I posted this morning?

It was burned by vandals some years ago, but look at it now:

New entranceway, windows and roof with roof lights.

Looks like there is somebody home already!

Clotworthy has begun throwing open its doors to some strange and colourful characters…..

Will Knott will not be pleased to miss this! 🙁  Tomorrow will be the last day……!

What is this?

Bright interior

Looking down at the invaders from the Gallery.


RoboCop details

B9 Robot

Grace 2.0

Not Buffy

The Toys

Sorry Will, these are just to give you a flavour of the exhibition, you know the characters better than I do.