At the Claremont

I watched a film last night ‘Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont’ from the book by Elizabeth Taylor.  It was Directed by Dan Ireland, and starred Joan Plowright, Rupert Friend, Anna Massey & Zoe Tapper.

I was physically tired and it was just right to help wind down for the evening.

This is not a review, more to share a few lines that stayed with me…

Destiny might lead us to the path –  the rest is up to us.

Always remember to make the most of every moment.

There are people that cross our lives for the briefest possible encounters, yet leave an indelible mark.


While looking for some information about the film I came across an excellent review of the book at Book Snob with references to the film in the comments that followed.

10 thoughts on “At the Claremont

  1. Rummuser

    I do not think that I will be comfortable either reading the book or seeing the film. I have got close experience of someone aging and how it must be to him and I dread the prospect of becoming like that.

    In any case, I am very happy that you went to the movies and wrote about it!

  2. wisewebwoman

    I love Elizabeth Taylor (no, not that one) and have read all her books. I thought it a pretty good interpretation of her book, though the book, as usual with rare exceptions, is superior.

  3. Helen

    Must try to get it, I’m very fond of Joan Plouwright. And that saying about us not realising the impact we have on others. very true.

  4. Alice

    Another book to read! I went to the Book Snob site too, and now I’ve got to make another bookmark. I’d only vaguely heard of the writer Elizabeth Taylor, but I’ll be looking for the book now…or the movie. Thanks for the information. (I’ve been thinking of joining the blackout through WordPress…from today til the 24th. Any thoughts?)

  5. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – Usually the story in a book is better than a film, since you make your own pictures inside your head.

    Betty – I thought it deserved sharing.

    Conrad – I have been fortunate to meet a few people like that.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Helen – All the characters in the story were just that. Real Characters!

    Tilly – I hear it is available on the BBC iPlayer until 21 Jan 2012.

    Alice – Blackouts have a different meaning for me and I am hoping to avoid them! 😉


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