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Would you like some Ice?

Following the 7th July 2005 London bombings, the Emergency Services found mobile/cell phones in pockets or lying around amongst the carnage with no idea of the holders name. Unfortunately some of the phones were all that remained. Some of these phones were used in order to discover the identity of some of the victims. Not an easy task.

I bet you have at least one mobile/cell phone.

Let us play a little game….

Imagine for a moment that you have… collapsed in the street/fallen under a bus/are in the middle of an explosion…

You are unable to help the Emergency Services with your identity or tell them who is your next of Kin.  What to do? Would scrolling through the phone book on your Mobile/cell phone help find out?

Is it John, Maisie, Puff Bunny or Mum?

John might be the guy you picked up met at the nightclub last night, Maisie the little old lady you visit once a week because she lives alone, Mum (91) half gaga and well… Puff Bunny says it all!

Can you imagine getting a call asking “Do you know the owner of this phone”?


“Well now, I am sorry to tell you, S/he is under the Doctor (Northern Ireland speak for being ill) at St Methuselah’s Hospital/Hire a crane she is under a bus/bring a holdall, the bits are at the morgue!

At the back of a Passport is a space for the name and address of our next of Kin, why not the same in our phones?

This is where Ice Numbers come in.

In Case of Emergency

I use two ICE numbers, just in case the first person is not available or out of the country. Both are filled in in the same format.


First name: ICE 1 Milly
Last Name: MacAdoo (daughter) –  follow up with the number in the usual way.

I am fortunate that this information is visible on the display screen of my mobile phone, so there is no waste of time searching.

Do think about it…. do something about it…. NOW.

The person you pick needs to be calm and sensible, know you, and be able to say if you have particular ailments e.g. heart problems, diabetes or allergies.  While you are at it, do the same with all mobiles in your household – children’s phones included.

It might save a life!


The topic Simplicity was set for us by Conrad, who unfortunately has had to step back from blogging for the foreseeable future.  Conrad we will miss your regular contribution and wish you well in all your endeavours.  I know you will visit and comment whenever possible.

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This subject is revisited from an old blog post of mine from 2006.  Worth repeating.