Would you like some Ice?

Following the 7th July 2005 London bombings, the Emergency Services found mobile/cell phones in pockets or lying around amongst the carnage with no idea of the holders name. Unfortunately some of the phones were all that remained. Some of these phones were used in order to discover the identity of some of the victims. Not an easy task.

I bet you have at least one mobile/cell phone.

Let us play a little game….

Imagine for a moment that you have… collapsed in the street/fallen under a bus/are in the middle of an explosion…

You are unable to help the Emergency Services with your identity or tell them who is your next of Kin.  What to do? Would scrolling through the phone book on your Mobile/cell phone help find out?

Is it John, Maisie, Puff Bunny or Mum?

John might be the guy you picked up met at the nightclub last night, Maisie the little old lady you visit once a week because she lives alone, Mum (91) half gaga and well… Puff Bunny says it all!

Can you imagine getting a call asking “Do you know the owner of this phone”?


“Well now, I am sorry to tell you, S/he is under the Doctor (Northern Ireland speak for being ill) at St Methuselah’s Hospital/Hire a crane she is under a bus/bring a holdall, the bits are at the morgue!

At the back of a Passport is a space for the name and address of our next of Kin, why not the same in our phones?

This is where Ice Numbers come in.

In Case of Emergency

I use two ICE numbers, just in case the first person is not available or out of the country. Both are filled in in the same format.


First name: ICE 1 Milly
Last Name: MacAdoo (daughter) –  follow up with the number in the usual way.

I am fortunate that this information is visible on the display screen of my mobile phone, so there is no waste of time searching.

Do think about it…. do something about it…. NOW.

The person you pick needs to be calm and sensible, know you, and be able to say if you have particular ailments e.g. heart problems, diabetes or allergies.  While you are at it, do the same with all mobiles in your household – children’s phones included.

It might save a life!


The topic Simplicity was set for us by Conrad, who unfortunately has had to step back from blogging for the foreseeable future.  Conrad we will miss your regular contribution and wish you well in all your endeavours.  I know you will visit and comment whenever possible.

Now hop along to see what our active members are offering today: Delirious, Maria/Gaelikaa, Magpie 11, Maria SilverFox, OCD writer, Padmum, Paul, Ramana, Rohit, Will Knott.

This subject is revisited from an old blog post of mine from 2006.  Worth repeating.

35 thoughts on “Simplicity

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  2. Conrad

    This is very strange, GM, to, literally for the first time, not be part of the LBC. And my feelings are simple – sad. Thank you for the well-wishes.

    Now, as to your post – as usual, it is spot on! In fact, that is what I intend to see about changing my screensaver to.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – You are missed, but will always have a welcome and a warm place in our hearts.

    I don’t have an ‘i’ phone but have the facility to add short-cuts to the front screen (desk top equivalent). There I have the Ice Number, Elly’s home no. as well as email inbox and ‘write message’ as well as my calendar. It certainly saves trawling.

  4. Nick

    All the information anyone would need to know about me is in my filofax, which I always have with me. So I don’t need to put it all in my mobile.

    “Bring a holdall, the bits are at the morgue!” The mind boggles at the idea of conveying that message….

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – Don’t forget to insert the ICE numbers in your children’s phones as well as your own.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – That part was part of my game… a means to get the message across. I was trying to lighten a gruesome story.

  7. bikehikebabe

    Oh nooooo, I don’t have a cell phone. I have a ham radio, but you’d have to be licensed to help.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – Then you print out the information and make sure to always carry it with you in a pocket.

  9. Delirious

    This is a great idea. I had heard of it before, but forgotten it. I do have “Bishop” listed in my phone book, so maybe that would help? 😉 I have to admit that I’m a little phone “challenged” and have a hard time putting in the letters. lol

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Delirious – Why not ask your son to do it for you and at the same time add an ICE number to his own Cell phone.

  11. Ursula

    Grannymar, I am sure ICE is brill. Particularly in the freezer.

    One can only hope a cell phone’s charger hasn’t gone flat just as you cross the road and meet your destiny. I don’t even carry a cell phone. Why should I be on call at all times? Slap me round the face, old fashion, and ask me who is today’s prime minister. Just because I won’t know the answer doesn’t mean I am a goner.

    Seriously, and I mean it: How did people survive in the olden days?

    Greetings from the slab,

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Ursula – You seem to take great pleasure is sounding caustic…. almost bitter. I being a simple soul prefer taking the cheerful road.

    What is the point of spending money on a cell phone only to leave it at home or uncharged. I didn’t say that every one SHOULD carry a cell phone but that MOST people did.

    Now off you go to your slab before you end up a wet puddle.

  13. bikehikebabe

    About carrying info in my pocket (no cell phone), I was lost in France where husband was at a conference. I took the wrong path leading away from the ocean. I was 8 miles from my destination, raining, nobody spoke English in the little town I found (the French aren’t great for speaking English).

    When I didn’t show up for lunch, husband knew I was lost, but he couldn’t consider that because he had a talk to give; in English, but to scientists from different countries—Yeah English.

    Moral: At least have the name of the place where you are staying. Duh!

  14. Ursula

    Pleasure, Grannymar? Sure. I take great pleasure being the person I am. Caustic? Bitter? Chocolate yes, at least 75 %. Good for you. And acid works wonders on toilet stains. As to the cheerful road – I dare say few will keep up with me. Just because I carry an umbrella doesn’t mean that I am not enjoying plenty of sunshine.

    I don’t have a cell phone (because I have a perfectly good landline and I do not wish to be on call at all times); maybe, in the same spirit as you don’t have a TV – so I remember you said.

    Off to the slab now, thanks, good night, sweet dreams,


    PS Shame about Con. Wonder if he just had enough. Sent him email commiserating when he alerted me that my Russian “joke” had fallen flat on its face. Can’t believe it. Told him Russians probably didn’t like his blog’s name “Intelligence”. Cold war and all that. Leveraged as well. Hope he’ll recover. In the meantime we can all think of a less conspicuous name for his next blog.

  15. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – Was that English or American English? 😉 Always a good idea to ask the hotel for a card with the name, address and phone number.

  16. blackwatertown

    Good and sobering idea.
    Thanks for hosting the LBC list.
    I had my home telephone number tattooed on my arm but jthen they changed the phone codes. The rascals! Of course if it’s a case of limbs everywhere then I’m no worse off.
    Ah dear – that’s probably not the sort of thing I should joke about. Though the amount of numbers of one kind or another I have to remember these days – I need something to jog my memory.

  17. Grannymar Post author

    BWT – It is a very simple idea and one suggested by those Emergency Service guys mentioned above!

  18. bikehikebabe

    Waaaaaaaaa (baby crying). I don’t know what WWW means. Do you have to be Irish to know that? Tee O seems Irish.

  19. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – There is no hidden code in WWW’s comment. Tee O is a fairly new visitor to my blog ans as yet, I know little of his background. He may well have ‘Irish’ blood in him… half the world claims to! 😆

  20. Grannymar Post author

    just like BHB, they are all my abbreviations for the handles of those who visit my blog. All that is except OMG, and I am sure you are familiar with that one! 😆

  21. Brighid

    GM, Thanks for the reminder, I need to do this as I travel a lot by myself. The kids had me get an iPhone for Christmas and I’m a bit behind with the learning curve on that thing. I will do it now.

  22. Grannymar Post author

    Brighid – It is a ‘must have’ for the likes of you and I who travel about so much alone!


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