Daily Archives: January 31, 2012


Ramana in his generosity has honoured me with The Liebster Award.

I was aware that in German “Liebster” means dearest, or favourite.  Here I become confused – I will return to this point later.

Having learned in the past by my mistakes while using the German language, I thought I better check on the meaning of the word “Liebster”.

This is what I found:

German     English

liebster        beloved
liebster        boyfriend
liebster        dearest
liebster        sweetheart

Now my mind is more than a little addled and who can blame me?
Sudden declarations of love on my blog.  His belovedHis Dearest. His Sweetheart.  Any one would be enough to bowl a girl over, if she heard it in a romantic situation surrounded by soft lights and sweet music….

But to be his BOYFRIEND! 😯 That shock was more than enough to set my heart going.  It took half a can of my spray to get it back on even keel.  I didn’t think he swung that way.

Where were my Toyboys, my protectors when I needed them.  Ashok, Nick, Magpie, Conrad, Mayo, Paul, Will and Tee O, I need your help.  What am I to do?

As for the first point… The Bounder; the Rascal has conferred the honour on FOUR other women:- Gaelikaa’s Diary, Padmum, Delirious and Silver Fox.

The Cad.

I should have listened to my mother!

I am off to lie down in a darkened room…..

I can’t even offer the award to my Toyboys listed above because their wives might not appreciate having me around for extra curricular distractions! 🙁