Reviving a memory

I had reason to dig back into the bowels of my blog last night and came across an old Podcast that some of you may not have heard.  It made me smile and I hope helps brighten your day. Eight and a half minutes is all it takes to listen.

There was mention of football, school, cars, sunshine and S…!  Go on, have a listen and let my fingers have a rest. 😉

S is for…..


5 thoughts on “Reviving a memory

  1. Nancy

    I really enjoyed this story, GM and hearing your voice only made it better.

    The best part was that you laughed at Jack’s predicament and that made him laugh,too.

    I once had a large bowl of spaghetti sauce in my frig and I specifically told Roy to be careful if he reached into the frig for anything.

    Well, five minutes later he went for the milk and forgetting about the red sauce,he knocked the bowl over and a quart of sauce went all over our kitchen floor.I was furious!

    We both grabbed towels to sop it up and were working away in silence. He was afraid to say a word that would further annoy me. As I cooled down in a few minutes, I knew I had to say something to break the tension between us, so I scratched the top of my head exactly like Stan Laurel used to do and said,
    ‘A fine mess you got us into,Ollie.”

    We both laughed and the day was fine again. That’s what I loved about your story. You laughed and made Jack’s day fine again by making him smile at the sitaution,too.

    I love your podcasts and wish you would take more of them out of your vault for our enjoyment.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – Being able to laugh with and at each other, carried us through many a tense moment or difficulty. I loved your saucy spaghetti story and can picture yourself and Roy on hands and knees!

    Ramana – I enjoyed revisiting the story, glad you did too.


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