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56 hugs

I needed advice. Solid sensible advice.  Where to go?

I decided to call with David, a no-nonsense straight as a die guy.

There was no sign of him in the garden, but the car in the open garage told me he was at home. So I rang the door bell.  Lady D opened the door on the first ding dong.

“I don’t want you!  It is him I am looking for” I said with laughter in my voice.

“He is not here.” she said with a straight face, hesitating long enough for the smile to curl her mouth upwards. “Come on, he is round in the workshop”!

She knew me well, we walked round to the workshop at the back of the garage.  As soon as the door opened, there was a squeal of delight and his arms opened wide to engulf me in a hug. A good honest to god hug.

We stood like that talking for a few minutes while lady D stood by.  Released from the grip, we talked some more, and the arms were again wrapped around me. We progressed through all the news… each item punctuated by another hug.

“Will you go easy! Your poor wife, standing there looking at us. Anyone would think I was hot stuff.”

“Sure. You are hot stuff” laughed the Boyo.

“Give me your hand and I will prove how hot I am!”

David’s hand lifted, then paused in mid air.

“Just give me your hand, I won’t bite you.” I said with a twinkle.

I took the outstretched hand and touched the top of my thigh with it.

“Ye, Ye…. You really are hot.” He stuttered.

I turned to Lady D and said “I suppose you better have a feel too.”

There was no hesitation…. and she agreed, I was certainly hot stuff.


You lot in the back row, take your grubby minds out of the gutter. I am a decent Irish widow woman with not a smutty bone in my body.  If you sit down nice and quiet I will explain….

Now, unlike Timothy Dan*, I only had one item in my pocket.  I removed it slowly to show my friends. It was warm and stiff. (Red Top, put down that glass before you choke on it!)

I suppose you want to see what it was.

It was one of these.

A Gel Hand-warmer.

As you often hear me say, I am a cold creature.  Since I had my hip replaced a few years ago, going out in the cold has become bad news for me. My right leg feels like I left it in the freezer overnight and forgot to remove it.

In Ireland we have several types of cold weather. Arctic ice and snow with below freezing temperatures, like last winter. Dry East winds that blow in from the Russian Steppes to cut right through you, and then there is the damp cold that soaks into your bones like water to a sponge. It does not cause rheumatism, but it certainly does not help aching bones.

The hand warmers are sold in packs of two and are filled with a clear coloured liquid  and a little metal disk in each. Once you wiggle the disk the pack begins to heat up and become cloudy.  They were sold to be used for warming the hands, and the leaflet says they stay warm for an hour.  A little large to fit inside a pair of my gloves, I relegated them to a drawer. This year I reinstated them to a ‘must have’ when going outdoors.

When I am ready to leave the house I click the little disk and put the warmer straight into my trouser pocket next to my metal hip.  The heat transfers through the bone to the metal and I am very comfortable. Both my metal hip and the gel pack stay warm for about four hours.

Above is the used, now cold hand warmer. Stiff and cloudy.  It is easy enough to return it to the original state.

Set it in the middle of an old face flannel and gather up the corners. Put it into a sauce pan, making sure the cloth shields the plastic from the sides and bottom of the pan.

Cover with cold water and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and keep on a simmer until the liquid is clear once more.  Make sure it is completely clear. Then remove and set on a dry towel to cool.  Looked after properly, they can be used over and over again.

*Timothy Dan

Timothy Dan
was a funny wee man
He kept all of his wealth in his pockets
Two buttons, A box, the keys of two clocks
and the chain of his grandmother Margret’s locket.

A big piece if string
a most useful thing
A watch without hands and a few rubber bands,
A broken down penknife with only one blade
and a little toy boat that his grandfather made.

You’d never believe
Hearing such a long list
That there’s room in each pocket for one little fist
and you’d believe that the smallest of boys
could carry so much in his wee corduroys.




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