Food Monday ~ Potato, Celeriac and Apple Rosti

Potato, Celeriac and Apple Rosti

110g  Maris piper potatoes
110g  celeriac
55g  cooking apple
55g  butter
2 tablespoons oil
salt and pepper

Grate the potato and place in a cloth. Squeeze out the juices. Peel the celeriac and grate. Peel the apple and grate. Mix the grated apple, potato and celeriac together.
Heat 30g butter and 1 tablespoon oil in a non-stick frying pan. When the oil and butter mixture is sizzling put in the potato, apple and celeriac and press down firmly. Season well and keep pressing down so that the strands form a pancake or rosti. Cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes.
Melt the remaining 25g butter on top of the rosti. Turn over with a spatula or by inverting on a plate in the pan and cook the other side until well browned. The rosti will keep when cooked through on a low heat for 20 minutes. Cut into portions and serve.

14 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Potato, Celeriac and Apple Rosti

  1. Mayo

    @ Nancy
    Let me decode this for you.
    Maris Piper is the present Toyboy.
    Celeriac is -meet me in the cellar
    Rosti- bring the bubbly

    I’m surprised that you could not figure this out.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – I think Mayo will cook this dish for you. he is a dab hand in a kitchen!

    Mayo – You were sworn to secrecy and there you go telling everyone my code.

  3. Nancy


    You are so right about Maris Piper. I should have recognized him as a toyboy of Grannymars, because I used to go with his brother,Pied. I gave up Pied though because of the incessant fluting and,of course,the rats were a turn off.

    I’ll let you slide on the other two points you made.

  4. The Old Fossil

    Nancy, I’d take offense at that comment with the longest traced ancestors I have coming from Hameln (Hamelin) – and I can trace them back to 1630 – but, it is hard to take offense when they were rats.

  5. Mayo

    Nancy ask Grannymar to give us a recipe (since today is love day) using sauerkraut.

    At least one scientific study has found that “sauerkraut” is as effective as Viagra at increasing “sexual function.”

    The men in the audience need it. Then the women can say–“thank God for kraut!”

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Tee O – You old Rat! 😉

    Mayo – I thought you were the expert cook, especially for days like this!

  7. Nancy

    @ Mayo

    For those of you who do not know what Sauerkraut is, its a eastern European delicacy made of pickled cabbage. As a matter of fact, back in the early days before there were freezers people used sauerkraut to keep their meat fresh by stuffing it in barrels filled with Sauerkraut. Interestingly enough, there has been talk on a few websites ( that Sauerkraut might be a wonderful substitute for erectile dysfunction meds like Cialis and Viagra.

    Oh, those willld and crazzzzy Croatians! They may be correct in saying that sauerkraut is a terrific substitute for Viagra but they failed to mention that sauerkraut also causes severe diarrhea!

    Gentlemen: Choose your poison

    Ladies: In either case…Stand Back!

  8. The Old Fossil

    Nancy and Mayo,

    Sauerkraut was also used by Captain Cook to prevent scurvy on his voyages. It kept forever and had the requisit vitamin C.

    Unfortunately, the natives killed him anyway.

  9. Nancy

    @ Old Fossil

    The natives killed Captain Cook because shortly after he ate the sauerkraut the Cialis effect kicked in and they found the Captain and the Chief’s wife in bathtubs on the beach under the swaying palms……

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Hello! Hello! I can hardly get through the door of my blog for Sauerkraut! Nancy, you shoud be keeping an eye on these guys and not egging them on! 😉 😆

    I have not tasted Sauerkraut for years and after reading the above, I may never feel the urge to again!!

  11. The Old Fossil

    @Nancy, the Lady Fossil and I always look at one another and ask, “Why the bathtubs?” I don’t blame the natives. The Chief’s wife they didn’t care about, but they just couldn’t take the bathtubs.

  12. Mayo

    At least they should put them in the same tub.
    What good is the cialis if they are in separate tubs.
    That porcelain is very hard to penetrate!


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