Daily Archives: February 15, 2012

I now have the words!

At 4am this morning I wrote the previous little ditty then sleep finally came.

I woke to wonderful news.

I said  I woke to WONDERFUL NEWS!

Ashok, all the way over in Bangalore and one of the four original members of the LBC, is about to hit be Called to the Bar. In my mind he is another Brian in the making. The results of his Bar Exams are through…. and well worth shouting about:-

94 out of a possible 100

I never in all my life managed to achieve marks like that.

I am so delighted that I will dance about today as if the ground was a trampoline.

Congratulations young man!

A New Blank Document

Where to begin.
To make it special
Share what’s in your head
Your heart

Words once on paper
Can never be undone
Words you think need sharing
The feelings strong

You don’t want to spoil it
By getting it wrong
So eat another biscuit
While composing that song