I now have the words!

At 4am this morning I wrote the previous little ditty then sleep finally came.

I woke to wonderful news.

I said  I woke to WONDERFUL NEWS!

Ashok, all the way over in Bangalore and one of the four original members of the LBC, is about to hit be Called to the Bar. In my mind he is another Brian in the making. The results of his Bar Exams are through…. and well worth shouting about:-

94 out of a possible 100

I never in all my life managed to achieve marks like that.

I am so delighted that I will dance about today as if the ground was a trampoline.

Congratulations young man!

10 thoughts on “I now have the words!

  1. Rummuser

    Mayo, I have already paid a retainer for his services to first bail me out when I finally snap and get rid of one of our politicos, and then to defend me and get me out of the charges.

    Ashok knows how high I think of him, so I hope that he will not oblige you by charging me the kind of fees that you seem to recommend.

  2. Ashok

    @Ramana sir: Always just a phone call away sir! Waiving off fees in advance 🙂

    @Grannymar & The old Fossil : You both pamper me way too much, I might become a brat at this rate 🙂

    @Mayo: thank you and I am afraid Ramana sir is right 🙂

    @wisewebwoman and the laughing housewife: thank you so much 🙂

    @delirious: I am flattered 🙂 I hope I can live upto that 🙂


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