Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Simply Fun

Sitting on the grass with a three year old, watching their eyes filled with the wonder of the world about them.

Picking daisies and buttercups, blowing bubbles and watching them drift skyward.
Attention suddenly taken by a butterfly, wings full stretch in the sunshine
Returning to explore my face with gentle touch before rolling in the grass with tickles and giggles.

Walking on a beach with an eight year old, listening to their constant chatter as we…..

Paddle, squealing & jumping up and down in the cold lazy lapping waves.
Gathering shells, running from one cluster to another to find new treasure
Flying a kite, mastering the take off and feeling the tug as it soars to float on the current of air way above us.

Skipping through rustling leaves of an autumn dressed wood with a teenager, suddenly free to drop the weight and angst of their age to become a child again for the duration

Exploring an untrodden path,
Scrambling over tree roots and listening to the un-silent silence of nature
Watching a squirrel disappear up a tree
Swinging from a branch
Sitting on a log solving the problems of age, parents and the world
Heading home hungry with the glow of fresh air on their faces

Giggling with the girls over a bottle of wine and nibbles as they tell me about

The day just gone, the promotion that will be announced the next day
The new dress or shoes in mind to buy tomorrow
The new beau in their lives and what makes him special
Ask my advice on this that or the other
Before testing the latest make up on my poor old face

Chatting in a one to one with a stranger who has the years of experience etched on their face, a twinkle in their eye and the interest to peel back the pages of their life and share the stories with me.




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