Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

Openings ~27

Back in January I was ‘Wowing’ about some changes at Clotworthy House in Antrim.

The Oriel Gallery and the newly laid grounds on a rather damp day.

The opening of the Oriel Gallery marked the completion of the first building of the major restoration project in the Gardens of Clotworthy House and Antrim Castle.

The view of the other side of this enclosed garden:from the oriel Gallery –

Tastefully reconstructed gateway.

The work progresses towards the completion of restoration and development

This gateway leads through to the front of the building. The door to the left leads to a bright office for the staff and further left (unseen) is a coffee shop.On the day back in January, I was more interested in exploring than drinking coffee so did not like asking for photos.

The door to the right is a gift shop and I did go inside and had a very interesting conversation with the young lady responsible for researching, and sourcing the goods for sale.  All products and produce are UK based with most from within Northern Ireland.

Sorting the shelves

Great use of natural light is provided with the new roof lights

Going through the Arch to the front of the building

The ground cleared for grassing.

The site is historic, the first trees were planted in the grounds of the castle over 400 years ago.

Six Mile Water from the Main Entrance.

A view through the trees

The bridge taken from the other side while standing on rough ground (May 2009).

View from the bridge on that day back in 2009. I was standing close to the laburnum tree in the previous photo. Note the Yew Tree it will appear again.

Tower of Antrim Castle (2009) through the trees

Elly & George at the base of the ruin in September 2009. The building in the back ground is Antrim Forum.

Can you see the Yew tree?  The ground has been cleared and foundations were found of the castle so they are rebuilding low walls along the founds to give an idea of what it was like and how far it extended.  Work is still in progress, the area is not accessible to the public at the moment.

I will return when the work is complete.