Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

Sounds a bit fishy to me!

We were a close grouper, happy to be schooling along with the Friday tide. Cod Hake was leader of the pack. A dab hand at keeping everyone in the right plaice, never floundering in the shallows with no sole.  Suddenly life turned bleak, he had difficulty herring, and the gang were saury when he decided to step out of the carp ark and gopher a longjaw mudsucker to clear the slimy sculpin.

It was then the fissures of the sea began to rumble and spout, in his absence…..

Elephantnose was settling into salmon chanted evening with his dear friend Dottyback, and angling to impress her by shoaling along to moonlight bay for Bombay Duck .  There was no need to go overboard or clam up. It didn’t take a brain sturgeon to catch her, hook line and sinker, but it was important not to skate around a few important points before trying to reel her in. He just needed to be in-tuna with his net profits.

Kissing gourami had no need to be koi since Barreleye was not molly-codling her, he was more interested in what Dojo loach was saying to broadband dogfish about Molly Miller. She had gone to a seafood disco the week before, and pulled a muscle.

Fangtooth said to Snapper “Don’t be like a shellfish prawn, kipper lid on it for now, the world is your oyster, buy the glass flippers and Annette will bream from ear to ear.

Jellynose was a Lemon Soul preferring to perch with Steve than to cling or clown with bearded clam. She decided to mullet over with a nice cup of char and not  scampi off in a melan-coley mood. Better to bring a new ray of light to the sometimes black sea of the under world.

This mermaid’s tail is just beginning….

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Our topic ‘…the fishes of the sea’ was suggest by Magpie 11. How many references to fishes or the sea did you find?  I think my catch was at least 60.