Daily Archives: March 30, 2012


This morning I was working at the counter in my kitchen with my back to the window and the sink.  I needed to add a few drops of cold water to the mixture I was working with, so I turned to go to the sink…..

Somehow, I found myself not at the sink, but with the pantry door open and looking blankly at the shelves. What in a month of Sundays would the cold water tap be doing in there?

On Wednesday, I decided this hanging about was for the birds so took my new (to me) Flip camera for its first outing.  I badly needed some vitamin D and it was the first day I felt like trusting my legs to carry me further than across the room.

“There is nothing to these Flip camcorders” said George when he quickly ran through the buttons. “Just point and click”. I took him at his word, a good son in law would never tell the mother in law from hell a fib, now would he?

I attached the mini tripod and used it like a handle, hoping it would give a more stable little movie.  The day was beautiful and the birds were rejoicing, so off I went on my travels. Press and go! Keeping it at a level with my face I could see the results and also speak softly to explain where we were and what you were seeing. I intended turning it into a YouTube video and posting it on the blog on my return.

It was grand and the picture seemed steady enough for a first effort. I was on my way.

Whaaaa ha ha! Pride came before the fall. Somehow in my uploading I lost it! So yet again I had nothing to show for my day.

This flu bug is sure showing its effectiveness in blowing my mind. I better keep a watch on myself or I might end up climbing into the airing cupboard instead of my nice cosy bed tonight.

Ramana had the choosing of our LBC topic this week and he chose – Effectiveness.  Now off you pop to read what the other active members have to say, while I check the palms of my hands….
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