I sincerely apologise for my lateness in posting this weeks offering for the Loose Bloggers Consortium. I am not at home and the days are busy


We were chatting on the phone one day, catching up on the weeks news. Once past the family, friends  and recent happenings we went to the more mundane items of what we were up to that day and the few before.

My sister decided she needed to do a major (for her) sewing job. We talked it through, Skype allowed me to gain a clearer picture of what was involved and I added my pennyworth to the discussion.  My sister would be the first to admit her sewing skills are not on a par with mine, her talents are many, but in fields I fall down badly with.

I could feel my fingers itching….

“If you are not in a mad hurry, I could help you when I come down next time” I heard myself saying. I meant it sincerely.

An email on another matter (blog post to follow) asked if I would be available for an interview in Dublin this week, so I put the two together and here I am.

So what are we up to?

My sister has a garden swing seat similar to the one above. The five year old awning was badly faded and the fabric was beginning to disintegrate due to sunshine over those years. On Tuesday we had a day of measuring, pattern making, cutting out, giggling and eating.  I cut while sister cooked. Not a bad little team!

So, one sincerely meant comment meant that I had fun, while my sister gains a new swing.

Today the awning and cushions were completed and in the next week or so the frame with the help of a new coat of paint and some Vaseline at the joints, will be restored to pristine condition. 😀

No doubt I will have photos as the summer progresses and perhaps I will have the chance to lounge about on the swing.

I am happy with the work and I sincerely hope my sister is pleased with the final result.

Our topic today Sincerity came via Conrad, a very sincere and true friend. We are joined this week by Maxi and look forward to the spice she adds to our weekly dish. Do pop along and give her a welcome, not forgetting our regular members: Delirious, Maria/Gaelikaa, Maria SilverFox OCD writer, Padmum, Paul, Ramana, The Old Fossil, Will Knott.

UPDATE: The old fabric on the swing seat was a blue and yellow patterned cotton. We decided to re-purpose some fabric that my sister had kept…..

About eight years ago my sister bought a gazebo exactly like the one below.

It served the purpose for which it was bought, but the fabric walls outlived the actual frame.  The fabric was of excellent quality and there was enough for a double layered awning and the two long seat covers for the swing lounger!

10 thoughts on “Sincerity

  1. Rummuser

    I wish that I could have been a fly on the frame of that swing chair or on the walls and listened to the two of you. I thoroughly enjoy visits by my siblings when they happen and can imagine what a grand time you must have had.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Delirious – It was a challenge in two ways. 1) The actual project itself was a first. 2) We re-purposed the fabric from the side walls of an old gazebo. I even had the three spools of green thread in my sewing box, so it cost nothing! 😀

    BWT – I’ll be back for my glass of bubbly for the official unveiling!! 😉

    Ramana – The craic was mighty and we laughed plenty.

    See Update above

  3. Cathy in NZ

    Sincerity or similar arose just today…I’m behind with the Friday writings and your respective blogs

    I’m involved in a craft guild where I manage the largest fund raising [ad]venture and over the last year, things have decidedly seen a downward turn in the funds in…I sincerely believe it it will all come right and I continue to enthuse people to add funds to the coffers

    But a curious thing has occurred where those who want to spend and buy do not quite see why we are constantly dipping into the savings account (which is quite strong) and telling me why I shouldn’t do this…nevermind the fact that these same people have stopped “shopping/funding the coffers”

    So although, I’m not about to give it up as such…I had a long conversation with my big sis about life there and on the more personal front of doing a Grad Diploma which is a way is just fun – learning a lot of new words/definitions etc within an area I’m getting more and more interested in…

    Near the end of our chat sis suddenly said “you haven’t realised it but when you were talking about the fundraiser you sounded really down/depressed but the Uni stuff you got all excited and happy…think about what you want to achieve the most. Because I think it is time to do that!”

    I have been the fundraising manager for just over 13yrs!

  4. Maxi

    Your sister must be thrilled, Grannymar. A colorful, sturdy new swing evolves from a comfort word.

    Blessings – Maxi

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Cathy – If I were you, I would concentrate on what gives you most enjoyment and fulfilment. Pass the fund raising on to fresh new blood, you have done more than your part in the past 13 years.

    Maxi – My sister is very happy with the results so far. Now she has the tedious work of getting the frame back to pristine condition.

  6. Alice

    I could use a little help making a re-cover for my chaise lounge. It’s an odd size and a replacement that looks decent and fits well costs at least $200. Could you pop over some weekend? I can make cake–or pie. 😀

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