More horses

The Chariot of Life ~  Bronze
~ Oisin Kelly

The Chariot of Life often locally referred to as “The Mad Milkman of Abbey Street” stands in front of the Irish Life building at Lower Abbey Street, Dublin.

The water sure looks like milk!

A Charioteer in a fountain is a sculpture by the Irish sculptor Oisin Kelly (1915-1986). Some say he is fashioned after Aengus Og, member of the Tuatha Dé Danann and probably a god of love, youth and beauty.

Rear view! 😉

Oisin Kelly was born in Dublin, the son of William Kelly and Elizabeth (née McLean). Until he became an artist in residence at the Kilkenny Design Centre in 1966, he worked as a school teacher. He initially attended night class at the National College of Art and Design and studied briefly in 1948–1949 under Henry Moore.

His other work includes O’Connell’s statue on O’Connell street, and the Children of Lir at the Garden of Remembrance.

7 thoughts on “More horses

  1. Anil

    Just curious why he is called the ‘The Mad Milkman of Abbey Street’. Horses are eternally graceful whatever pose one catches them in.

    Must be quite a sight as if emerging from water, poised to race through the fountain.

  2. Nick

    Wonderful sculpture. The horses are magnificent though the rider looks a bit petrified, as if he’s hanging on for dear life while the horses charge onwards.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, It has been busy here.

    Anil – In Ireland we have a habit of irreverently renaming all our public sculptures. It is not so many years since milk was delivered by man on a cart with one real horse power! Perhaps the water jets look a little like milk.

    Nick – Being Dublin, that might not be too far from the truth!

    WWW – Whatever takes your fancy!! 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. I do know what you mean.

    Tilly – Still more to come.

  4. Alice

    Looks like I couldhave spent another week in Dublin alone, just looking at all the public art available, rather than the day and a half we had there!


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