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I’m not a recluse. Honest!

It is a very wet and windy Friday morning in my patch of Blogland. I walked back through the town and up the hill to my cosy little house, changed into dry clothes and perked some coffee. ‘Elevenses were called for before 09:30 today.  Mind you yesterday I was gagging for my mid morning coffee at 08:15!

So who did I talk to?

1. Alan, a toyboy with an open friendly smiling face, who greeted me by name despite not seeing me since last January.  I had a problem and Alan was the very man to fix it. My car has developed a vibrating noise when I start the engine and drive at low speed. It seems to settle when the speed picks up. I have a feeling the noise is from a loose bracket holding the exhaust, and not being happy about it, I went to see Alan.

“Leave it with me and I’ll take a look when I finish with this one” he said. My kinda Toyboy! 🙂  I will walk back this afternoon and must remember to bring some money!

Speaking of money…

On the way home I found a bank card all forlorn and wet on the pavement.  It belonged to a man called John. Looking about, there was not one man to be seen. It was far too early for the banks to be open and I had no desire to hang around in the rain, so I took the card home with me.

2. I phoned the local branch of the bank named on the card once they opened, and spoke to Sharon, a friendly young lady. It was of course after listening to a recipe of options longer than my arm.

I checked that the sort code was for that branch and then asked if they would contact the named person on the card to tell them I found it. I hoped it would save distress and prevent the unnecessary cancelling of the card.  I was asked a detail or two and for my name and phone number. I had at least done my bit.

3. An incoming call by phone from John, the man I inquired about in the previous call. He was relieved and pleased that someone ‘responsible’ (his word), had found his bankers card. Giving him my address, he asked if I lived near Mr X? I replied in the affirmative saying I was the bungalow above his. I think they play golf together.

I had hardly finished my coffee when he called to my house to collect his card.

He did say ‘thank you’.

(^_^)   (^_^)   (^_^)

There are mean people,
Keen people,
People that are in
Between people

There are nice people,
Rolling dice people,
People with hearts of
Ice people

There are cool people,
School people,
People who follow the
rules people

There are sweet people,
Neat people,
People who
Rub your feet people

There are bug people,
Smug people
People who give you
hugs people

There are funny people,
Nunny people,
People who are
tidy and cunning people

There are smart people,
Warm heart people
People who wanna be
Apart from people

There are lazy people,
Crazy people,
People who pick
daisies people

There are joke people,
Coke people,
People who like
to poke you people

There are pain people,
Cane people,
People who say its gonna
Rain people

There are dish people,
Fish people,
People who like to
wish people

There are mopey people,
Dopey people,
People with lots of
hopey people

There are seer people,
Deer people,
People who like to
Drink beer people

There are trail people,
Sail people,
People who give you your
Mail people

There are shoe people,
True people,
People who paint
with blue people

There are dog people,
Smog people,
People who like
to saw logs people

There are flying people,
Dying people,
People who are
Crying people

There are baby people
Maybe people,
People who drive
A Mercedes people

There are close people,
Nose people,
People who goes
where you goes people

There are ring people
Thing people,
People who like
to sing people

There are candy people,
Dandy people,
People whose names are
Randy people

There are work people,
Jerk people,
People who are a
Salesclerk people

There are phone people,
Alone people,
People who examine
bones people

There are pill people,
Ill people,
People who like to
Kill people

There are style people,
Smile people,
People who
Run for miles people

There are good people,
Wood people,
People who are
hoods people

There are scream people,
Ice cream people,
People who dare
to dream people

And of all the different people
Peopleing this earth,
Each and every one
Has his or her own unique worth.

To all the people on this earth by Kelly Curiel

Now that you are well peopled, it is time to run along to see what the other active people in the LBC have to say on the topic The last three people I’ve spoken to (apart from family or household members), chosen this week by Paul at Blackwatertown.

Today I would like to issue a very special welcome to Shackman who regularly reads blogs through a coffee splattered screen! 😉 You will find his words of wisdom at Shackman speaks.

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School Dinners

Imagine Argyll and Bute Council, being afraid of a 9 year-old school child.

They must be.

Argyll and Bute Council, have stopped a 9 year old school girl from writing and posting photos of her school dinners on her Blog.  Maybe it is that they are ashamed of the school dinners they provide for the students each day.

Come on, look at all the bloggers and newspapers out there that produce articles and review meals that they have eaten in Restaurants. Some of them are hardly complimentary while others have you drooling as you read through the menu.

Surely this young lady is no different. She writes and rates the meals each day and produces a photograph to show her followers the plate before she starts the meal. It is all done with the full backing and encouragement of the staff at her school.

Yesterday ‘Veg’ on her blog NeverSeconds had this to say:

This morning in maths I got taken out of class by my head teacher and taken to her office. I was told that I could not take any more photos of my school dinners because of a headline in a newspaper today.

I only write my blog not newspapers and I am sad I am no longer allowed to take photos. I will miss sharing and rating my school dinners and I’ll miss seeing the dinners you send me too. I don’t think I will be able to finish raising enough money for a kitchen for Mary’s Meals either.


I think the Council have opened a hornet’s nest. Veg’s site had over 2 million hits and on Thursday the twittersphere has exploded with support. Her dad Dave was interviewed on BBC Today Programme this morning and the link has a clip from the item. The Council were invited to take part in the programme, buy declined or were unable to find anyone to take part!

Veg was blogging about FOOD and not porn.  She lives in the UK and not behind an ‘iron curtain’ (remember that?) or in China where silencing seems to be the norm.

Encouraging the enthusiasm of a nine year old, in school or home is important. I do hope this episode does not have the opposite effect.

UPDATE: 13:27 A member of Argyll and Bute Council is on the radio, saying they have rescinded the ban placed on Veg’s blog and will be meeting with her and her father early next week.