Blogging the Alphabet ~ J

J ~ Jam

Fruit picked before breakfast and turned into jam before lunchtime…. Yummy!

Rich red raspberry jam.

I had a taste to test it and it was ohsooooogood!

Yesterday I came away home with a jar of it to put on my home made fresh scones.

Today my mind turned to Raspberry stitch.

You never know, I might…..

3 thoughts on “Blogging the Alphabet ~ J

  1. Grannymar Post author

    BWT – I often took Elly blackberry picking when she was young, but the taste of the fruit in pies or jam never appealed to me. Now Raspberries are a horse of a different colour. I would get out of bed an hour earlier for home made raspberry jam!

    Delirious – I bet there was a queue waiting for your plum jam.


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