Openings ~ 42

I came across this lane way last weekend in Dublin during an early morning walk.

When I was the age to ride on that tricycle, I didn’t have one, but we had fields to run and play freely in with no need for high clanging gates with large leaden locks.

9 thoughts on “Openings ~ 42

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Tilly – The area I grew up in had plenty of ‘green’ about us, now it is all houses and apartments.

  2. shackman

    I didn’t have the kind of green space you site but there was plenty of room to roam amd roam we kids did….I often wonder what it’s like in my hometown these days (Pueblo, Colorado)

  3. Rummuser

    I did have a tricycle which got handed down to my three younger siblings as did my first bicycle. Despite that however, we still had a lot of space and greenery around to play around and I am told that the little gated community that we lived in then, exists even now, exactly as it was then.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Shackman – We were never allowed play in the front garden because of the traffic on the road outside. With a field behind our long garden and others beyond it was pure heaven…. even if the long grass in places tickled my legs!

    Ramana – Daddy didn’t want us to have bicycles on the busy roads, so we made our own fun and were never short of ideas.

  5. Nick

    I had a tricycle and went racing around on it at top speed. I can’t remember knocking anyone down but I certainly fell off it plenty of times. My knees were permanently bruised and sore.


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