Openings ~ 43

Yesterday we had a rest from the rain in my neck of the woods, so I took myself off to the great outdoors for a ration of vitamin D. My faithful companion the camera accompanies me on all occasions these days.  Well you never know….

Walking through a park my eye was drawn to a litter bin.

Not just the litter bin but the light through the opening for the litter.  These bins have a slot opening on all four sides. So I retraced my steps and gave the camera some exercise.

Perhaps it was the light, but I liked the idea of a view within a view.

The red square in the centre of this one is proof that dogs are welcome – it is a bin for dog litter.

Light from a different angle.

Using the litter slot as a view finder.

9 thoughts on “Openings ~ 43

  1. Nancy


    Too bad Buffy wasn’t with you. You could have had her look through the slot and say “CHEESE”

    OR, you are always talking about how smart she is, perhaps she could have taken a picture of YOU peering through saying “CHEESE”

  2. Alice

    I can imagine a joke about confused cornelia who has blurred vision depositing the LETTER her mother asked her to post. I, too, am drawn to litter boxes in every country I visit. Trash bins can be downright creative as I see over and over, even in the clean, tasteful lines of the Irish one.

  3. blackwatertown

    Good idea.
    I was having a slightly disconcerting feeling while looking at the view through the inch wide or slightly wide wider ear lobe distenders on a heavily tattooed bloke yesterday.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – Buffy would not stand long enough for me to take photos, far too many interesting sniffs about to investigate.

    Judy – There was a woman sitting on the far side of the park, I am sure she thought I was crackers getting down on my knees to photograph a litter bin. The real comedy was when I tried to stand up again!! 😆

    Ramana – Sometimes we take everyday objects for granted.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – Can you hear me laugh? Our Posties have trouble at times putting the letters through the correct letterbox. The other day I had plenty of post/mail and not one item was for me.

    BWT – I think I would that very disconcerting, but then I am not a fan of tattoos.


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