Blogging the alphabet ~ D

D ~ Dogs

I may have told you before that when I was a child we had a dog.

We had a dog for a weekend!

Gus & Nora, friends of our parents always had a dog. Make that a series of dogs. As each one aged and moved to doggie heaven, it was replaced by a replica of the last one.  The dogs, all male, came from the same breeder in Cork.  Smooth haired terriers, not unlike Buffy, but a little taller.  Not alone were the doggy bed and feeding dishes passed on, but the name Dinky went down the line too!

The dog we had in our house (for one weekend) came from that breeder in Cork. Gus decided on one of his holidays to Skibbereen, I think without consultation, that we needed a dog. Our dog arrived as a very small puppy, still untrained and behaving like a leaky hose all over the house. Mammy was NOT impressed. She had enough on her plate with her own leaky hoses, I think we numbered four at that time.

Picture the scene: Four miniature people surrounding the little scrap of fur and asking it to do four different things at one time.  If the dog ran down the garden we ran after it, shouting and screaming.  When the dog changed direction and ran towards us we screamed and shouted with fright. I think we were as untrained as the puppy.  For some reason, I have no memory of the name we gave this new family member.

So this new little one was surrounded by people all day and left totally alone to sleep at night. He/she missed his/her mother I suppose.  Like babies that miss their mothers, this little scrap cried all night.

My poor mother!  She had us screaming all the day long, and the dog wailing all night. Noise never bothered daddy, he just seemed to switch off.  By the end of the weekend mammy was at her wits end.  She had more than enough so made a decision:

“Either the dog goes, or I do!” she said.

As daddy said at the time…. ‘mammy could cook’, so she got to stay! Gus was asked to find a new home for the dog.

Unfortunately over the next few years a couple of nasty incidents happened in our area, the elderly placid dog next door snapped at one of us, and although no skin was broken it left a mental scar.  Down the avenue, a large dog – German Shepherd, I think – attacked a little girl and her face was scarred for life.  Back in those days there was no cosmetic surgery available.  These incidents left me weary of all dogs and I would run under a bus rather than pass a dog on the pavement.

It was many a long year before I became comfortable with dogs. I am glad I overcame that hurdle.

Buffy on our first walk together

Now, although I do not have a dog myself, there are three dogs in my life. You have already met Buffy (after the Vampire slayer) who lives with Elly & George.  She is a Patterdale terrier and full of fun.  At the foot of this post is an opportunity to see once more how she entertained the guests at recent party for E& G’s 5th wedding anniversary.

Almost fully grown

Caraiosa and Allanah live with my sister.


Caraiosa is a Sable & white Sheltie that I made several attempts to photograph, but her speed of movement means that she is a fluffy streak or her eyes look like marbles when I try to sort out the red eye problem!

Allanah otherwise known as raggedy Anne.

Allanah is a grey and white dragged through the hedge, scruffy looking Sheltie/Terrier mix, related to Caraiosa.  She has the long coat of the Sheltie, but it is the texture of a wire hair terrier. The blaze above her nose stands in strands across her eyes, giving the impression that she is looking through Venetian blinds. I wonder if we look striped to her?I swear she has some kangaroo blood in her as she can jump from 0 to 6ft in seconds!

Come play with me.

She spends hours everyday grooming and washing her legs and paring her nails!
It must work since she looks clean in photos.

My holiday alarm clock.

Buffy entertains

6 thoughts on “Blogging the alphabet ~ D

  1. wisewebwoman

    Ah we’ll convert you yet, GM!

    There is nothing like a dog to give one that unconditional love and companionship. 🙂

    A home isn’t complete without one!

    And PS – I can’t believe E & G had 5 years, I remember how hard you worked on her dress and it was so lovely and unusual. Time. She fugits.


  2. shackman

    I simply could not deal with the hassles I am going through without my dog Ginger. Guess I’ve always been a dog guy.

  3. Rummuser

    I am devastated. You have forgotten all the gay dogs of their respective towns in your life. I am sure that there will be a chorus of protests from the others too.

    I would love to have a dog but am now scared to keep one. You know the reason and I am content with watching others enjoying their dogs.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – I would need to move house first, since neither my house or garden are dog proof. Dog hairs everywhere are what get me.

    shackman – I am slowly learning about the friendship a dog can bring.

    Ramana – A dog is a dog is a dog to me! I don’t go turning them upside down! 😆


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