Food Monday ~ Peanut Potato Salad

Peanut Potato Salad
4 Servings

500g new potatoes, scrubbed
50g thickly sliced cooked ham, diced
60 ml mayonnaise
15 ml peanut butter
Lettuce leaves

To garnish: 50g salted peanuts

Boil or steam the new potatoes until tender. Drain well and place in a bowl.  Add the chopped ham and toss lightly. Mix the mayonnaise & peanut butter together in a small bowl, add to the potato mixture and stir through.

Arrange the lettuce leaves on a serving plate and spoon the potato mixture on top. Sprinkle with the salted peanuts.

7 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Peanut Potato Salad

  1. shackman

    Now that’s worth a try – when I was a kid in Colorado one of my favorite sandwiches was peanut butter and mayo on plain old white bread and a Dutch friend has on occasion made a dish called sate – skeweres of pork in a peanut butter sauce

  2. Grannymar Post author

    shackman – It adds another angle to a cold buffet.

    WWW – My father would turn in his grave if I dished that up to him. He thought the only flavours fit to be added to potatoes were butter and salt.

  3. The Old Fossil

    I never turn up my nose at anything I haven’t tried yet. Besides being a bit of an ominivore, I also find that some combinations you’d never guess would work together surprisingly do.

    Maybe that’s why I’m a bit past my ideal weight! 🙄

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Fos – You are a long way from being a fatty. Mind you I seem to have magic-ed a few extra inches recently. 🙁


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