Daily Archives: July 30, 2012

Food Monday ~ Juicy Summer Salad

Summertime and the living is easy, so why not make an easy lunch at home or put the  ingredients in a lunch box to eat while sitting in the local park and soaking up a free helping of Vitamin D.

Juicy Summer Salad

A handful of  rocket,
cherry tomatoes
couple of scallions/salad onions
few slices of yellow pepper
red/black grapes
Melon chunks
pineapple chunks,
pinch of curry powder, and mayonnaise, mixed together or dressing of your choice.

Wash and dry the rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper and grapes and place in a bowl. Clean and slice the salad onions and add to the bowl. Add the melon & pineapple chunks and toss lightly.
Mix the curry powder with the mayonnaise together and stir through the salad.
Serve with crusty French, ciabatta or sour dough bread.

What do you add to make a summer salad special?