Blogging the Alphabet ~ I

I ~ If

If you could do anything you wanted today…..

An Old Ruin 😉

I would love to spend the day scrambling about amongst old ruins.

Go on, tell me….. I would love to hear how you would spend such a day.

21 thoughts on “Blogging the Alphabet ~ I

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Tilly – Nice idea. I could do with one of them… and another for knitting. Pity I have to cook and wash my own dishes! 🙁

  2. Maxi

    I would love to revisit Israel; see how far they have come with all the renovations taking place there.
    Blessings – Maxi

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Maxi – I would love to pack a backpack and become a nomad wandering round the world.

    Dianne – Come visit me, this old ruin can make you a cup of coffee or tea!

  4. Rummuser

    I AM an old ruin!

    I would get up later and have a leisurely brunch at my club’s cafe near the swimming pool, swim on and off and read a book while on a recliner, nap, swim again, have some tea in the afternoon, come home and catch up with other routine.

  5. wisewebwoman

    I think a bunch of us old ruins should get together and trade stories around an old table in the firelight with candles and a harpist playing softly in the background.

  6. The Old Fossil

    I am doing today just what I would want to. Building all the foundations for memories of my daughter’s wedding this Saturday that will last us the rest of our lives.

    And, speaking of old ruins, I will give you a laugh or two later today when I write about some of the travails getting to this point! It’s not what any of us would have expected.

  7. gigi-hawaii

    I wish I could go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and see all the colorful fish. I used to do this quite frequently, but can’t now due to medication that makes me sun sensitive.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – That would be wonderful! I bet the rafters would ring with the sound of laughter and gladden our hearts.

    Fos – Enjoy the memory making and I look forward to your post later today.

    Gigi – Snorkelling at Hanauma Bay sounds a colourful experience. One I will have to sit out and view on film.

  9. Nick

    I would go on a flight in one of those tiny planes and watch the landscape unfolding beneath me. I can still remember flying in my friend’s mother’s plane as a teenager.

  10. paulo1

    Well one thing I wouldn’t do would be to stick my neck into that about-to-crumble-on-my skull-at-any-minute aperture. Beyond that I’ve always fancied para-sailing with wide open vistas to swoop and soar over and a nice safe landing place where I’m guaranteed to still be alive at the end of the day. Not asking too much, is it?

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – A flight like that would be wonderful over the Mournes, and you wouldn’t have far to go to find it either, the Ulster Flying Club are based in Newtownards.

    Paulo1 – Welcome back, hope all is well in your corner. Hang Gliding as we call it, looks very graceful, I have on occasions watched from my kitchen window as some guys took off to float through the air. I am not sure about trying it with a metal hip. 😉


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