Daily Archives: August 1, 2012

Comment on death.

We live in a world with over 7 billion other residents.  A small number, a very small number hold sway of the monetary wealth while millions know not where their next meal will come from. We don’t seem to know how to solve the problem of world starvation or clearing slums.

  • We can put men on the moon.
  • We can have people living in outer space – well, make that a Space Station.
  • We know how to make and use guns, tanks and bombs.
  • We can replace limbs, hearts, lungs and livers.
  • We use up the Earth’s resources at an appalling rate.

Each day brings news of medical discoveries for curing or changing the status of many illnesses. They move along the scale from fatal to chronic, allowing those who suffer to live longer.


With modern medicine we sustain life for the terminally ill by pumping them with pills and potions, when in fact we are only delaying or dragging out the eventual death. With this delay, the patient is often existing in a half world of a drug induced stupor that only camouflages the pain.

Morphine does not kill pain, it only makes it like it does not matter.

There are only two things that we can be sure of in this life…

  1. You are the only person who will be around for all of your life. Parents were here before us and in the normal course of events die before us and our spouses and children come into our lives along the way.
  2. The second surety is that we will die.

When my time comes, please do not allow me to lie in a bed being fed by tube and on artificial ventilation. A glass of wine and a pillow might in fact be a more caring option!